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Clarissa Koenig photograph: laughing pregnant couple on the beach; her head is in his lap

Below you will find a suggestions for finding a hospital-based obstetrical care provider, followed by a list of group practices and obstetricians who deliver babies at Maui Memorial Medical Center. At the very bottom of the page is a photojournal of a beautiful and uplifting hospital birth. The birth is not at MMMC, but is much like what I have witnessed there as a doula.

Don't get confused by all those letters! There is a list of the acronyms and their definitions towards the bottom of the page.

Community Clinic of Maui, Maui Medical Group, and The Women’s Health Center of Maui all cross-cover hospital call for each other.

Kaiser Permanente doctors do not cross-cover hospital call with other groups or individuals.

Finding and Interviewing OB Care Providers

Clarissa Koenig photograph: couple’s hands framing their henna-decorated pregnant belly

I recommend you interview several OBs and see whom you vibe with. Obviously you may be limited by your insurance, but be as proactive as possible. The ability to honestly express yourself and concerns to your OB or any health care professional is central to being able to make an informed decision concerning your care. Make sure that you choose an OB who you trust will respect your opinions and input and listen to your questions, concerns, and ideas. The following are some suggestions for finding the best doctor/group for you.

OB-GYN Care Providers

Community Clinic of Maui

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Malama I Ke Ola Health Center · 1881 Nani Street, Wailuku · 871-7772
Aaron Altura, MD
Shireen Hedari, MD

Kaiser Permanente

80 Mahalani St, Wailuku · 243-6000
Clarissa Koenig photograph: pregnant woman enjoying sitting in the surf Elizabeth Ausbeck, MD
Benjamin DeLisa, MD
Michael Kim, MD
Jodilana Jackson, MD
Martin Newman, MD
Nancy Rogers, MD
Sam Cooke, CNM
Ms. Cooke only sees patients in the office.

Maui Lani Physicians & Surgeons

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165 Ma'a Street, Kahului · 446-7120
Stacy Ammerman, DO
Christy Takemoto, MD

Maui Medical Group

2180 Main St, Wailuku · 242-6464
Kylie Brookes, MD
Melissa Ching, MD
Nicole Brasiere, NP
Adele O’Neil, CNM, HHC, Clarissa Koenig photograph: dad and big sister kiss happy mom’s pregnant belly APRN
Ms. Brasiere and Ms. O'Neil only see patients in the office.

The Women’s Health Center of Maui

30 N. Church Street, #300, Wailuku · 242-9787
Celeste Adrian, MD
Benjamin Berry, MD

Acronym Definitions

Clarissa Koenig photograph: sepia tone of couple’s hands framing their henna-decorated pregnant belly

APRN—Advance Practice Registered Nurse

CNM—Certified Nurse Midwife

DO—Doctor of Osteopathic Medicin

HHC—Holistic Health Counselor

MD—Medical Doctor

NP—Nurse Practitioner

A beautiful hospital birth

Natural birth of Andrew, by Elizabeth Boyce.

This is a beautiful and uplifting photo journal of a hospital birth. It is not at MMMC, but it is much like what I have witnessed there as a doula.

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