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Here you will find suggestions for finding and interviewing midwives. Following that is the list of midwives willing—and trained—to catch your baby at home!

At this time there are no midwives on Maui who deliver babies in the hospital. However, there are several midwives who would be happy to accompany you to the hospital and provide doula-type emotional and physical support.

Don't miss the presentation of a beautiful homebirth with a midwife at the very bottom of this page. And don't get confused by all those letters! There is a list of the acronyms and their definitions towards the bottom of the page.

Finding and Interviewing Midwives

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I recommend you interview several midwives and see whom you vibe with, because you will likely be paying for your midwife on your own dime. You will want to make sure they offer the services, attitude, and philosophy you agree with. The ability to honestly express yourself and concerns to your midwife, or any health care professional, is central to being able to make an informed decision concerning your care. Make sure that you choose a midwife who you trust will respect your opinions, values, and listen. The following are some suggestions for finding the best midwife for you.

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Homebirth Midwifery Care Providers

Tina Garzero
Copyright © Christina Garzero

Christina (Tina) Garzero, CPM, LMT

"Tina, the Midwife" was the mother of 9 exceptional children. She started practicing midwifery in the 70s in San Francisco. After working in a midwifery program at SF General, she moved to Maui. She was an exceptional woman who deeply affected birth on Maui with her midwifery. She passed in 2014.

Sky Connelly
Copyright © Sky Connelly

Grow Midwifery and Ayurveda

Sky Connelly, CPM, LM (California) · 949-391-2352
Individualized, wholistic midwifery care for you and your family. Offering home birth, water birth, VBAC, doula/monitrice care, Ayurvedic Postpartum Wellness, and childbirth education to all of Maui County.

Merrily Daly
Copyright © Merrily Daly

Daly Birth Maternity Services

Merrily Daly, CPM, RN · 575-7677 · 280-2077
Merrily has been practicing midwifery since the 70s and provides complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. She has delivered over 2000 babies, mostly at home. Merrily feels it is important to practice preventive care in order to have a safe successful home birth.

Jan Ferguson
Copyright © Jan Ferguson

Jan Ferguson, CPM

Provides midwifery care at home and doula care in the hospital.

Photo by Dr Wendy Right
Copyright © Dr Wendy Right

Linda Harrison, DEM

Your home, your family, your birth, your way. Complete pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care with an experienced midwife.

Kadi Mourningstar
Copyright © Kadi Mourningstar

Kadi Mourningstar, DEM

Kadi provides in-home midwifery serves, doula care in the hospital, and teaches yoga for pregnancy in Haiku.

Acronym Definitions

CPM—Certified Professional Midwife

CNM—Certified Nurse-Midwife

DEM—Direct Entry Midwife

IBCLC—International Board Certified Breastfeeding Consultant

LM—Licensed Midwife

LMT—Licensed Massage Therapist

RN—Registered Nurse

A beautiful homebirth with a midwife

olive's homebirth/waterbirth, by Jenny Sigler

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